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Appy Orse Acres Believes...

That horses should be allowed to live like horses and

that anyone interested in riding these majestic animals

should also learn to care for and safely respect them.

Our facility is set up in such a way that our herd of over

40 horses gets to socialize and roam over 100 acres of

land while carefully being monitored so that their health

and happiness is always being considered. 

Our horses are attended to and cared for by owner and

trainer, Bernadette Ruckdashel, who has over 60 years

of equine experience. Bernadette has bred, trained

and raced horses throughout her life and also had a

successful career showing in local 4-H and Appaloosa breed shows as well as in The American Horse Show Circuit in the jumper category. For the past 50 years she has shared her experience with countless riders who come to Appy for trail rides, lessons, summer camps and boarding. 

Appy Orse Acres boasts five private runs, a large dirt pasture plus five grass pastures for our geldings, a rolling grass pasture for our mares, a barn with thirteen stalls, a large outdoor and indoor arena plus miles of trails throughout the countryside. A nonprofit club called the Willow Hill Riding Club (WHRC) consisting of young equine enthusiasts and their families resides at Appy and works towards bettering our community through fundraisers, events and youth leadership development.   

Alumni from Appy have gone on to collegiate teams, equine veterinary care, horse training, equine facility management, circuit shows, breeding and more. Teaching positive mental attitude has been our tradition for years. The word CAN'T, is not part of the language used here. The bond that horse and rider develop helps to create goal-setting, achievement oriented equestrians. This positive mental attitude is carried throughout life.​ We are proud of our hard work and invite anyone interested to take a visit and learn what Appy Orse Acres is all about!  

"The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man."

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