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The Willow hill riding club's purpose...

Is to provide a community for horse lovers and their families. The Willow Hill Riding Club (WHRC) is a 401c3 nonprofit organization established in 1985 with a mission to provide opportunities for youth leadership development, community building and service. The WHRC is lead by youth and meets monthly to discuss upcoming events and touch base on club activities. Over the years the WHRC has hosted many fundraisers and events and has seen its members donate countless volunteer hours to causes chosen by the club's members. It is our goal to provide opportunities to our community through our mutual love of horses and family. 

willow hill riding club

events & fundraisers

Currently the WHRC hosts three annual events, two club

parties each year and chooses a monthly charity to donate

items and money to. In addition to these events and

fundraisers club members spend two weekends a year

volunteering their time to help clean up the grounds at

Appy in preparation for spring and winter. Click on the

event below to learn more about our current major events!

Past events include pony rides at an MDA fundraiser, hosting a day at Appy for people with physical and developmental disabilities, providing trail rides for inner-city youth and food and coat drives for the homeless.​    


"In every little kid's life there is that moment when they

touch their first horse and the course of their

life is forever changed"