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IronWorks Summer Series

Little Foxes Horse Shows

Minglewood Hunter/Jumper Shows

Plymouth County Mounties                                                                                        



Horse Show Philosophy

Students at Appy Orse Acres have the opportunity to showcase their skills and perform as a team at a number of local horse shows throughout the year. From baby green and beginning equitation to high jumpers and money classes, competitors from Appy take what they've learned in lessons and apply it in the show ring. 

Hard work and dedication has proven successful for our riders at many different shows. Rarely does anyone go home without a ribbon or two and our riders always finish the day happy and satisfied with their performance and the performance of their horse. We cheer each other on (even when competing against a fellow student), remember what needs to be worked on for future shows, and patiently build upon our successes. Horses and riders step into every show ring prepared for the challenge ahead!                                                                                                



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