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boarding Basics

Our number one priority at Appy Orse Acres is the 
happiness and safety of our horses.  Horses have the
freedom to join their herd and roam over acres and 
acres of grass and dirt pastures with private runs and stall board available when needed. Leasing is also available. 

Pasture board includes hay turnout throughout the 
winter and grass turnout during summer. Horses that
require grain, pellets, medicine or additives are 
brought in daily and have their needs catered to. 

Private runs and stalls are available for horses who require extra care or separation. Runs are outfitted with a hay feeder and private water tank while stalls have stall mats, fresh bedding, a grain feeder and water bucket. Stall board available for medical rehab only. Check out more pictures of our herd and facility!  




Boarding prices

Pasture board herd turnout - $320 / month plus tax
Pasture board private run - $360 / month plus tax​

MISCellaneous pricing

Horse Leasing - $350 / month
Breakfast Club - $1.50 / day
Supper Club - $1.50 / day
Tack Rental - $50 / month 
Worming - $20 / month
Farrier or Veterinary Retrieval - $10 / retrieval
Veterinary Care
    *Spring shots - $32 | Fall shots $26 | Strangles $18
    *Extended veterinary care - $7/day
Horse Trailer Storage
    *Two horse - $10/month | Large trailer - $15/month
Transporting Horses
    *First 10 miles - $50
    *Per mile over 10 - $2