memorial day horse show

a fun time to showcase your skills!

Every Memorial Day Weekend Appy Orse Acres students participate in a fun schooling show hosted by the Willow Hill Riding Club (WHRC) at Appy. Friends and family come out to watch their horse enthusiasts compete in a variety of classes including hunt seat and western equitation, dressage, jumping and games. Students enjoy friendly competition among friends all while introducing their horse to the summer show season. By the end of the day everyone goes home with a trunk full of ribbons and sleepy smile on their faces!

The Memorial Day Horse Show is the biggest fundraiser for the Willow Hill Riding Club. Not only do members plan and host the show, they solicit sponsors* to help cover the costs of the show and other events the club puts on throughout the year. Youngsters and their families visit local businesses to ask for their support and share the WHRC's mission with the community. Hosting this show teaches our students the importance of good sportsmanship and how to plan and run a major event.

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