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St. Jude's Trail Ride

Not only do WHRC members learn the importance of doing something to help others, they learn perseverance, safety and endurance. Safety vehicles follow the trail ride to make sure our riders safely complete their goal while experienced guides make sure the horses are taken care of throughout the entirety of the 10 mile ride. No matter the weather (and there have been some COLD rides), our riders return to Appy with a smile on their face and satisfaction in their hearts knowing they just helped hundreds of kids at St. Jude's Children Hospital!

riding with a purpose...

Every fall Willow Hill Riding Club (WHRC) members embark on a 10 mile trail ride to raise money for St. Jude's Children Hospital. Riders ask friends and family to pledge donations for their 10 mile ride then join other members for a three hour ride throughout Appy's neighboring country roads. After the ride members gather for a pizza party to celebrate their success and add up all the money raised! To date the WHRC has raised over $40,000 for St. Jude's through hard work and dedication.